Unwanted Mail

I got an unwanted letter in the mail. When I perused the envelope and saw it was from the District of Columbia government, I sighed. I live in Maryland and it had been years since DC had reached out to me. It’s always my goal to never get mail from any city, county, or state’s Traffic Adjudication Division. When I do, I know it means I must give up cash designated for something else.

The speeding camera caught me early one morning driving to a Super Wal-Mart. I wanted to get their early and beat the rush. The ticket said I was clocked going 7 miles over the speed limit. I won’t argue that since I saw my license plate in the photo.

With sadness about the consequences of my offense, I paid the ticket and then decided to once again live by this resolve: If I always obey the speed limits, I never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket. It all depends on me. This was my fault. Sounds familiar? God’s Word says, if we always obey His rules, life will go well for us. He will make our way prosperous and we will experience good success. (Joshua 1:8) If we choose to go our own way, then we have to suffer dire consequences. The ball is in our court. God gives us a free will and respects our decisions.

I don’t want any more tickets. Paying for one poor decision is enough to get me back on track. What about you?

God’s way is always the best way. That’s Excellent Living.



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