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1 Thing

January 12, 2020

Life, if you let it, life can be all consuming about nothing. That’s right, Nothing. Consuming about the trivial, the latest morsel of gossip or criticism about that celebrity, politician, or that “friend” on Facebook. I’m convinced that knowing the ins and outs of other people’s lives is an effective tool of Satan to distract us from what really matters: following single-mindedly, God’s plan for our lives.

When Jesus called the disciples He gave them a simple command, “follow me,” not your friends, colleagues, or family members, but ME. He added that to be a true disciple, you must forsake everything and everyone and exclusively follow Him. No other option. No debate. It’s ALL or nothing. Are you all in? Are you willing to walk away from the known, to follow His path of the unknown in 2020? It’s the only way to experience abundant life, life to the fullest without regret.

I’ve been a Christ follower most of my life, but this year, I’m intentionally forsaking every dream, every desire, every longing, for one thing…following Christ wholeheartedly, without reservation. Before I was born, He had already mapped out His plans for me, how He wanted to be glorified in me, whether in my living or dying. I don’t have to waste my time giving Him directions. His route is perfect. God is the navigator. All I have to do is obey Him. This takes the pressure off of me to get it right. As He told me years ago, Cheryl, I don’t need you to be smart. I have enough smarts for both of us. I just need you to follow me. I’ll tell you what to say, what to do, and where to go. I’ve already anticipated everything. You do your job and I’ll do mine.

“Lord I get it. I’m ALL in.”

Won’t you join me?