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All the Time

April 28, 2019

A dear friend since 2nd grade, Marilyn, told me about her meeting with a personal shopper. The lady asked Marilyn when was it most important for her to look her best: at work, home, special occasions, etc. Marilyn responded: “I want to look good all the time.” The personal shopper wanted her to be more specific, selecting one category, so she rephrased the question. Marilyn’s answer was the same: “But I want to look good ALL the time.” I smiled and chuckled when she told me the story.

I would have to say that as adults, every time I’ve seen Marilyn, whether in a casual or church setting, she looks great. I love her sense of style. Since she told me that story, I think, “She really does look good all the time.”

I have often reflected on Marilyn’s dialogue and asked myself, What do I want to be known for ALL the time? The answer always comes with this fill in the blank: “I want to be gracious all the time, kind all the time, prayerful all the time, pleasing to God all the time, loving and wise, especially in how I use my time and my tongue.

I can’t report that I’m there yet, but I can say the desire is strong and I do believe what Philippians 1:6 says: “He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” He’s the Scholar and I’m the pupil. He promises to make me a new creation in Him. Lord, that’s what I want more than anything.