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Smoothies and Me

July 30, 2017

I love making and devouring a fruit smoothie. I typically prepare one at least twice a week. At times I’ve taken the smoothie into my bedroom or car. Bad idea. I have wasted smoothies on the carpet and in my car twice. It happened again just this month.  I had just placed the full cup in its proper holder between the front seats. While using my cell phone at a stop light to leave a voicemail message, I quickly moved my right elbow. Immediately there was smoothie in my seat, in between the seat, and on the floor. I thought, “There I go again. What is it with me and smoothies?”

Fortunately I keep plenty of napkins in my car, so at stoplights along the way to my destination, I cleaned as much as I could. I pondered again the question? Why do I keep making the same mistake with smoothies? I may go awhile without an accident, and then another one.

I got the answer. I was not practicing “carefulness” on a consistent basis: to always be on guard, focused, when handling a smoothie given my track record. If I know what I’m prone to do (be careless) then I need to anticipate and be ready for the next occurrence and not assume it won’t happen again.

This requires being truthful about “me,” and being alert and aware of what trips me up. The same principle applies to being truthful about the sins constantly lurking in the heart, waiting to trip me up. The list is different for each person, but there is a list.

Your issue may not be mine, but I have one. That’s why Jesus said, “Watch as well as pray.” Paul wrote, “Be very careful how you walk.” I’ve made a list of what tends to trip me up spiritually and personally.

Daily, my goal is to watch, pray, and walk very carefully. I don’t need another accident, in or out of the car.