Don’t Lose the Awe

A dear friend, Michele, will celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary this fall. When she refers to her husband Kyle, she says, “He’s awesome.” I said to her once, “I love the fact that after all these years of marriage, and living with Kyle day in and day out, you still view him as “awesome.” She gave a big smile and said, “Yes.”

I’ve often thought of Michele’s exuberance for her mate when I reflect on what God desperately longs for…that we would always be in awe of Him. Awe is an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration. It was there when we encountered God for the first time and gladly received His gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. We were so grateful that He took care of a debt we could never pay. We were overcome with joy. I still remember the Tuesday night I invited Christ into my life. I was a child who desperately needed a Savior. I was overcome with His great love for me.

Since then I’ve said to God many times, “I will never get over your affection for me. I reserve the use of the word awesome only for you. May my love for you only intensify and never grow stale.” A marriage flourishes when a couple makes it a priority to admire and affirm each other daily and not take each other for granted.  It blossoms when they think of each other throughout the day, surprise each other with gifts and cards, and have eyes only for the other.

God Our Creator and Redeemer desires no less. I’ve made an intentional decision to talk “love” talk to Him daily and show my love by His love language: obedience.

“Lord, may I never lose the awe.”


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