I was excited to finally get braces on my teeth during my sophomore year in college. I told myself I was getting my teeth ready for a career in television. But, I had a concern. Would the braces be off in time for my graduation? I posed that question to my orthodontist Dr. Urban. He told me that if I consistently did whatever he told me to do then, “yes,” my underbite would be corrected and my teeth straight when I received my diploma.

I listened intently when he told me what my regimen should be. I didn’t want to miss anything because I knew it was vital for me to do my part. For the next two years, I diligently followed his instructions. Whatever. It paid off. I had a beautiful smile with straight white teeth two years later, just before graduation. Sure enough, the day came when I smiled  broadly as a broadcast reporter and anchor.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve sought the counsel of the world’s greatest life coach about everything. He never makes a mistake. He knows everything. His track record is only successes. No losses. He tells me in his life manual, the Bible, the best course to take every time. But the caveat is, “Am I willing to do whatever He tells me to do. Whatever.” Even if it doesn’t make sense to me, even if nobody around me is doing it, even if the advice appears outdated, unpopular?

The reality is I win with no regrets when I choose to do whatever the Master Coach tells me to do every time. I lose whenever I don’t. I don’t want anymore losses.

Whatever, Lord. I say “yes.” I’m in.

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