Valentine’s Day Renewal

Love is in the air. It’s celebrated today. Many couples will get engaged. Oh the dreams and fantasies of enduring love. That’s why I decided to renew my vows to my One True Love…Jesus Christ. He gave His life for me so I could experience life at its fullest. He has promised to never leave me or forsake me. He has kept His word. We’ve been in a relationship since I was a child and He has never left my side. He loves me unconditionally. He only has great plans for me. I can tell Him everything (He knows it anyway) and it will not surprise Him or repel Him. I am secure in His love, because there is nothing I can do to stop Him from loving me. He’s committed to me and my well-being forever. This is ENDURING LOVE.

Now my Lover has a request of me. That I don’t just talk “love” but demonstrate it by responding to His love language. God’s love language is obedience, not good intentions, good feelings, great words, but obedience. I’ve heard of men who kiss their wives every morning as they head to work, mouth the words, “I love you,” and keep a girlfriend on the side. The audio and video don’t match.

God says, “Don’t play me.” If you really love me, you will obey me, when it’s convenient or inconvenient. So today, Lord I reaffirm my commitment to you. It will be shown by my actions, not my words. I will love you the way you want: radical obedience. Your love is worth it.


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