Snowed In

God has a way of forcing us to stop our hectic routines. Heavy snowfall did it for me today. My only option? Staying inside and watching from my window the mounting snow. I loved it. A different rhythm. A time to reflect on desired goals: being more deliberate about thinking before I speak, exchanging careless words for caring ones; taking joy in living in fear: fear of dishonoring God, fear of being disqualified as Apostle Paul stated (after preaching to others). This is a healthy fear, a fear that makes my walk more intentional with the aim of always pleasing our Commander in Chief.

By the end of the day a sweet realization: I accomplished more not less on a snowed-in day.


One Response to “Snowed In”

  1. Deborah Jones Says:

    Such a blessing. This was a new take on the subject of fear. This is fear I can embrace. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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