Authentic Love Story

Women love a good love story. That’s why we buy the romance novels and check out the latest “boy meets girl” movies. I’ve had the privilege of observing for more than 30 years an authentic love story. My sister-cousin Rhonda and her husband James celebrate 32 years of marriage today. They still have eyes only for each other. Their love is stronger today than when they said “I do.” It’s a joy to be around them. I see the tenderness, affection, and simple delight of them just being in each other’s presence. (I want a love like this!)

I’ve often thought why is their marriage so strong? Here’s my theory. Before they said I do to each other, they said I do to God. Before they met, each decided to make Jesus Lord of their lives. They decided to date and wait His Way. Both sought God in prayer about His choice for a marital partner. They were 100 percent confident that God led them to each other. James was a godly man and a man of the Word before he met Rhonda. He’s a godly man today. He’s on the road a lot for his job. Rhonda told me that not once has she questioned his fidelity or felt the need to sneak and check his cell phone or text messages. She can trust her husband because he fears and honors God. Rhonda was a godly woman before she met James. I greatly admire her sensitivity to the voice of the Lord and her willingness to obey Him no matter what. She told me once, “Every year I pray and ask the Lord what kind of wife do I need to be for my husband this year. Do I need to be more patient, more understanding? I’m open to the Lord’s leading.”

Like any couple they’ve had challenges, but Christ was always there to meet them at their point of need. He owns their hearts. By God’s grace, they raised two godly sons who are now happily married. They have a great example to follow.


One Response to “Authentic Love Story”

  1. Deborah Says:

    What a joy to read this post. We so need these words of wisdom and encouragement about marriage. Regardless of what we see around us in the world, God’s way is the only way. “He adds the blessings, and that with no sorrow.”

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