I spent a good chunk of time last night checking flights for one of my brothers. His connecting flight was initially delayed due to weather conditions on the East Coast. It departed on time but then encountered a rainstorm in Charlotte. He was unable to deplane for what seemed like an hour. In the meantime, I kept checking the departure time for his next flight. It was delayed as well. Finally, when he was allowed to enter the terminal he had a few minutes to get to the next terminal to make his next flight. I thought he had a good chance. Then I got a phone call.

“Cheryl, you’ll never guess what happened.” I waited for the news. “I was so focused on getting home that I stopped at the ticket counter for the flight that would take me directly to Dayton, instead of to the ticket counter for my flight to Cincinnati. By the time I got to the correct gate, the door was closed. I missed my flight. Fortunately I was able to get a seat on the next flight out.” He would be getting home around midnight.

When we hung up the phone, this thought came immediately to mind: We exchanged so many phone calls and invested so much time, focused on 1 thing…his connecting flight to Cincinnati. His goal was to make that flight. And in just a matter of seconds, so close to the goal, he lost focus, his attention diverted to the wrong flight. The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Cheryl, this is a constant battle and effective strategy of your chief adversary, the Devil…to have you focused on the things of God for the majority of your time, and then when it really counts and you are near the finish line, you divert your attention to something insignificant, that does not matter, and it causes you to lose your race.”

Let’s be ever vigilant and on guard daily. Let’s not be ignorant of Satan’s schemes and devices. Let’s stay focused on what really matters…running our race, reaching our finish line so our Master will say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”


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