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The Manual

July 12, 2015

I finally got a smartphone. I love the additional features. The phone came with a manual which I downloaded. It’s more than a hundred pages. I glanced through it once for a quick primer. Since then I’ve been on my own, sticking to the basics. But the phone was created to do much more if only I would read the manual. That requires setting aside quality time to do it. I’d rather get by on less when my phone could be smarter.

God took the time to give us a manual for living, great living. It’s called The Bible. It covers everything we need for experiencing life at its Best. We glance at it, possibly read it from time to time, but prefer to go our own way, figuring things out on our own, making unnecessary messes. God doesn’t want His children falling into ditches or taking wrong turns when His manual provides great directions.

I may not absorb my smartphone manual but I am committed to reading God’s manual from cover to cover and following the instructions. I want to live a smart life.