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Really, Really, Really, Really Love

January 18, 2015

Love is splendid. Really, really, really, really LOVE is really splendid. I came up with this concept while talking with a girlfriend last week. The topic was “How do you know when you’ve met The One?” What makes you choose one person (for life) over another? What is the distinguishing mark? I said a major test is when you know that the person really, really, really, really loves you. (Yes, I said “really” 4 times). It’s a without a doubt kind of love. You are consumed by it…not lust but authentic love.

You can say “yes” to a proposal, but not really, really, really, really love the person. You love the idea of being in love, of being married. It will not be a fulfilling relationship. At some point you will simply go through the motions, there in body, but not in mind.

It is best to wait for the really, really, really, really love…no matter how long it takes. Make it the standard. That’s God’s standard. He says repeatedly: You must love me with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength. He accepts nothing less. Neither should we.