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A Model Like No Other

December 21, 2014

Today is special. My Mother turned 90 (she could pass for 70). She is still going strong and vibrant: spiritually, mentally, and physically. She was so excited to get her drivers license renewed last week.

My siblings and I started celebrating her milestone Thanksgiving weekend. She hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the house where I grew up in the inner city of Houston. It was packed from front to back with family and friends. Then on Friday evening, a 100 of us gathered to honor my Mother with a program and dinner. The event exceeded our expectations.

The next morning I was overwhelmed with tears thinking about my mother’s godly legacy and impact on three generations, on neighbors, and other Christ followers. She has always set the bar high. That Saturday morning I consecrated myself once again to be utterly devoted to submitting to and serving Christ with ALL my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Why? I’ve had a model all my life of what that looks like. It is so attractive. It is possible.  I also know the benefits of aligning my life with God’s purposes.

We don’t choose our heritage, but I couldn’t ask for a better example of living an uncompromising life for the glory of God.