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July 20, 2014

I dealt with a slow drain in my bathroom sink for more than a year. I needed to do something, but I refused. Why? I don’t know. I got used to it. Then one day it went from slow to stuck. The water stayed put. It was time to call Calvin, my building engineer.

He sent his assistant with a bottle of heavy duty acid cleaner. Black gook began to fizzle up…but the drain was still clogged. Calvin’s assessment? Another full bottle down the drain. The second bottle completely cleared the blockage. The gook had to be removed from the sink bowl but for the first time in months there was a clear, clean path when I looked down the drain.

I said, “Wow. It’s great to see this drain so clean. I love it!” Then I thought: This must be what it’s like when God unclogs all that “gook” of sin lurking in my heart, the buildup, the stuff no one sees but God. It’s blockage. It prevents me from fully functioning at my optimum.

What’s really sad is when I’m content to live with the “sin” rather than call the person most qualified to break the bondage: God. He is always standing by, waiting to unclog us, if we would only dial his number: JER333 (Jeremiah 33:3.)