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Model Mother

May 11, 2014

Mother, I’ve always looked up to you. I still do. You are my model of godliness, wisdom, and strength. I’ve never heard you compare yourself to another woman or complain about your lot in life. You have embraced each season with fervor and enthusiasm.

I watched you take care of Dad ten plus years with tender care. You said, “I looked myself in the mirror and said, ‘I can do this’.” And you did until God called Dad home at age 90.

Even today in your golden years, you are still seeking God, finding joy praying for others on daily prayer calls, devouring God’s word every morning, going to weekly prayer meetings, sharing surplus food with neighbors, always available to talk to me when I call.

You accepted Christ as a child but you still want to be more like Him and finish strong.

I am richly blessed this day to have a model Mother. Thank you Heavenly Father for this precious, treasured, and priceless gift!

“The godly people in the land are my true heroes!” Psalm 16:3