My Daughter

Last Sunday I got a surprise call from Pastor Lewis. He and his wife gave me the privilege of living with them when I first moved to Washington, DC. I ended up staying for several years. (It’s hard to turn down a home-cooked meal every evening.) He was calling to share some important information with me. At the end of the conversation I said, “Thank you so much for telling me about this.” He said in response, “Why wouldn’t I, you’re my daughter.

That touched me. All the years I’ve known him that was the first time I recalled him telling me “you’re my daughter.” I thought about it all day. He sees me as his daughter. So does God. I am His daughter and why wouldn’t He think of me and keep me posted on all that would be beneficial to me and make sure I don’t miss anything that’s due me?

Now I gladly rest and revel in that reality. Always His. God always gives His Best to those who leave the choice to Him. I trust you Father.


2 Responses to “My Daughter”

  1. Janice Peterson Says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me that I can trust our heavenly Father. Especially when I allow Him to lead me according to His will relative to my choices.

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    Your story is so poignant. My Dad will call me from time to time, and when I see “Dad” come up on my cell phone, I have this feeling that I have done something wrong or that he awkwardly wants to tell me something I should do. I love my Dad very much, and I still need his attention and love at 54 years old; however, I understand where he is coming from and accept it at this point in my life. I have had to learn that I am a daughter of the King, and that He has the best for me, even when He has to let me know I am “wrong.” He leads me gently, and calls me “daughter.”

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