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February 15, 2014

I decided to do something today I rarely do…play the upright piano that I’ve had for years. A friend gave it to me (he’s a piano tuner) when I told him I was looking for a piano, nothing fancy, just so I could practice. He knew an elderly lady who was moving but leaving her old piano behind. All her family wanted was for someone to pay the moving cost. What a great deal!

I thought as soon as I got the piano I would start playing it. After all, I no longer had the excuse of not having one. But I didn’t. I just walked past it every day. It became an antique piece of furniture in my living room. I just assumed that whenever I decided to play it would be like old times. After all, I started piano lessons at age 5 and took them until I went to college. Back then, I loved playing. I even made extra money by playing at weddings.

So I pulled out my sheet music of The Lord’s Prayer and began to play. I started missing notes. This was familiar music to me but I had not practiced regularly in years. I played it over and over. I did get a little better. I then went on to some of my other favorite compositions. Same problem. Lack of practice meant sloppy, not smooth playing.

All I could think was, I have conned myself into thinking that because of my past regimen, my past skill-set, not practicing wouldn’t be such a big deal. What made me think this, when the most celebrated musicians practice daily?

I began to do an inventory of my life: Are there other areas where I have not been practicing and I’ll have to pay a dear price? How many Christ followers are relaxing in this season of their lives because they read the Bible regularly years ago, were once leaders in the church, sharing their faith with a zeal for God, but no longer. They are just chillin’ as one of my nephews says.  I’m afraid they will learn as I did, you have to maintain to continue to attain. Otherwise, your performance will plummet.

Come Monday, I’ll be back at the piano…practicing.