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Choices, Changes

October 13, 2013

We live in a culture where people want to enjoy the pleasures of wrong choices without the painful consequences. For example, we love eating foods that are loaded with fat…French fries, ice cream, cake, cookies, but don’t want the consequences…extra pounds. So we look for a quick fix…a pill, a procedure…that will take them off fast.

We engage in the titillating pleasures of forbidden sinful sex (sex outside of marriage) but don’t want the consequences…an unwanted pregnancy, disease, shame, embarrassment and loss of reputation when exposed.

We squander time…refusing to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Consequently the work is shabby, the deadline is missed, the opportunity lost. We need help!

God has the answers. He loved us so much that He created a guidebook, the Bible, full of principles that if followed would reap an abundant, victorious life as He defines it.  For example, because of Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection, we don’t have to yield to our lustful desires and passions.

So let’s pledge to make a new habit and do what needs to be done to glorify God in our everyday living. Let’s give Him our will. He promises to give us the Power to make right choices: to eat healthy, stop procrastinating, flee all sexual sin, and to live holy lives.

Sin is always fun, but it’s the consequences that can make life absolutely miserable. I’m signing the pledge.