Accepting the Baton

I had dinner with a friend last night whose marriage has not been a fairy tale. It’s been real, with highs and some deep lows. I love what she said about struggling with a script she didn’t want: “I finally decided to accept the baton. I said, ‘Lord, I receive the baton’.”

I thought about her comment during the night, asking the question: Lord, what baton do I need to accept? I realized that once again, I had to accept gladly the baton passed to me: singleness. It may be my baton until I see Jesus’ face or I may get to pass it on to someone else. The issue is settled once again: I want God’s will more than I want my way. As missionary Amy Carmichael said, “In acceptance, lieth peace.”

 Accept your baton with God’s grace. It is more than enough for your journey.


Addendum to “An Enduring Love”

Rhonda’s husband, James, surprised her on their 30th wedding anniversary with the news that they were going to Paris, France to celebrate. A step up from going to Disney World, wouldn’t you say?


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