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Enduring Love

August 19, 2013

Love is amazing. Real love that is, not infatuation; enduring love that goes the distance. One of my favorite couples is my cousin Rhonda and her husband James. This week they celebrate 30 years of marriage. When you see them together it’s hard to believe they’ve been married that long. They still have a gleam in the eye for each other. They hold hands and sit together in church.  Their home is full of peace and love. No drama.


Rhonda recently told James: “You have not reached the pinnacle of my love. I still have more love to give you. I have only scratched the surface of my love for you.”


I asked her how did he respond? She said, “He was speechless.” Rhonda told me she was not looking for a response when she opened her heart to her husband. She just wanted him to know the depth of her love for him and her goal is to draw him even closer to her.


Marriage is designed to be an example of Christ’s relationship with His Bride, the Church. Our love should only intensify for Him as the relationship becomes more intimate.


I’m thrilled that Christ chose me more than 30 years ago as His Beloved. I accepted His proposal of an enduring love. He has kept His end of the bargain.  It’s been the most gratifying relationship I’ve experienced.  Each year it’s more enriching as I seek to please Him more and spend huge chunks of quality time basking in His presence and learning more about Him. I am secure in the relationship because He initiated it and reminds me daily (by His actions and letters) of His unfailing love.


Congratulations to James and Rhonda for 30 years of love and commitment. Congratulations to every person who accepts Christ’s proposal for an enduring love that will never fail.