Strong Resemblance

My girlfriend Doris recently spent some time with her granddaughter Ila. She remarked, She looks just like her daddy, Nick. I call her Nicollete. I agree with Doris. In every new photo I’ve seen of Ila (she’s seven months old now), the resemblance is getting stronger. Nick cannot deny that Ila is his daughter. No words are necessary. They look just alike.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day we resembled our Dad (our Heavenly Father)?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people said, No question about it, you must be a child of God. You look and act just like Him. You are Jesus with skin on.


2 Responses to “Strong Resemblance”

  1. Doris E. McMillon Says:

    As an adopted child I often wondered who I resembled…it wasn’t until I met my birth parents that I could see the resemblance. I was adopted in 1986, into the family of God and now I know without a doubt what it means to look like someone. I got a spiritual “facelift” as it were and the older I get, the more I look like my Heavenly Father. While I’m not a total mirror image today, (that spiritual facelift is always being tweaked) I’m trying to do my part to become as close to identical as possible…it takes the Holy Spirit’s help, indeed, but so well worth the effort!

  2. Elisa S. Gilmore Says:

    That is my prayer to look more and more like my Father but I can’t just pray and sit back and expect the resemblance to occur on its own. I have to submit to and obey God. Most of all, I have to deny myself from saying, doing, and/or feeling things that are contrary to what God’s Word says (not to mention I have to deny myself from eating a few things). Some things you can’t avoid if you want to get the results you want…and I want the end result of looking more like Christ…My Daddy!!!

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