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The Waiter

July 21, 2013

I woke up this morning with the waiter on my mind. Yes, the waiter who served my table last night. He didn’t give his name. He just did his job…the bare minimum. That’s all. There was no joy in it. I could tell. He attempted to take the plates several times before my friend and I were finished. He never inquired about our meal or if we would like more water. He did smile and mumble something when he brought the check (was he thinking about the tip?).  He wasn’t the worse waiter I’ve encountered but far from the best.

I asked myself, Why did I wake up with this waiter on my mind? I didn’t go to bed thinking about him.  It’s as if the Lord said, “He represents what I don’t want you to be: someone who does a job without joy. I want you to be full of joy about whatever assignment I give you, large or small. Never make it about the money. I can tell when you’re simply doing it just to be doing it because it’s a job.”

So can others.

Strong Resemblance

July 14, 2013

My girlfriend Doris recently spent some time with her granddaughter Ila. She remarked, She looks just like her daddy, Nick. I call her Nicollete. I agree with Doris. In every new photo I’ve seen of Ila (she’s seven months old now), the resemblance is getting stronger. Nick cannot deny that Ila is his daughter. No words are necessary. They look just alike.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day we resembled our Dad (our Heavenly Father)?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people said, No question about it, you must be a child of God. You look and act just like Him. You are Jesus with skin on.