Reality Check

I enjoyed watching birds fly this morning. They were doing it effortlessly because that’s what they were created to do.

Now what if after watching them, I decided: I want to fly. I believe I can fly. I’m going to start reading books on bird flying, going to seminars on bird flying, and watching videos on bird flying because after watching bird fly…that’s what I want to do!

You would immediately say, Cheryl, what’s wrong with you! No matter how much effort you put into this, you can’t fly because you were not designed to fly, but birds are!

It’s ludicrous right? But how many of us have wasted hours, possible years, trying to be something or do something we were not created to do because that’s what we wanted! We are so frustrated because it hasn’t happened.

We overlook the fact that we are suited to soar in another arena. Ask God to make it clear what He created you to do and to be. Concentrate on that one thing. You will fly.


One Response to “Reality Check”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you. Much needed.

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