Celebrating Men

I started reflecting yesterday on all the men who’ve had a profound impact on my life. I celebrate them today. My first pastor, Bishop Falls who modeled authentic godliness. I established the habit around the age of 4 or 5 of going to him for personal prayer after the service. He always had time for children. Afterwards, he always gave me some money. His door was always open. He never abused my trust.

I applaud Burt Perrault who saw possibility in me and gave me my first job in radio as a high school junior. He coaxed me into applying to Northwestern. I’m so glad he believed in me. Thank you, Mr. Perrault…my first mentor.

Dave Oseland gave me my first job in television.  Thanks Dave for being a quiet, unassuming man of God. Never flashy, or boastful, but solid as a rock. Always fair. Always pushing for the marginalized.

Carlis Moody Sr. is my example of integrity and steadfastness. He says, “I just live by The Book.”

Rich Stearns…thanks for modeling extraordinary and humble leadership.

Over the years, God has brought a team of encouragers in my life: John Jenkins, Paul Sheppard, Richard Allen Farmer, and my oldest brother Truman.

I will always treasure my tried and true friend Jeremy. I honor you today. You’ve known me since I was 18. You’ve only accepted and believed in me all these years. I’ve always been able to count on you. Your word is your bond. You’ve never disappointed. You are an original!

Some believe that a woman can’t have platonic relationships with men. I disagree. I celebrate all these men who have only honored and respected me as a woman…God’s woman.


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