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Reality Check

June 23, 2013

I enjoyed watching birds fly this morning. They were doing it effortlessly because that’s what they were created to do.

Now what if after watching them, I decided: I want to fly. I believe I can fly. I’m going to start reading books on bird flying, going to seminars on bird flying, and watching videos on bird flying because after watching bird fly…that’s what I want to do!

You would immediately say, Cheryl, what’s wrong with you! No matter how much effort you put into this, you can’t fly because you were not designed to fly, but birds are!

It’s ludicrous right? But how many of us have wasted hours, possible years, trying to be something or do something we were not created to do because that’s what we wanted! We are so frustrated because it hasn’t happened.

We overlook the fact that we are suited to soar in another arena. Ask God to make it clear what He created you to do and to be. Concentrate on that one thing. You will fly.

Celebrating Men

June 16, 2013

I started reflecting yesterday on all the men who’ve had a profound impact on my life. I celebrate them today. My first pastor, Bishop Falls who modeled authentic godliness. I established the habit around the age of 4 or 5 of going to him for personal prayer after the service. He always had time for children. Afterwards, he always gave me some money. His door was always open. He never abused my trust.

I applaud Burt Perrault who saw possibility in me and gave me my first job in radio as a high school junior. He coaxed me into applying to Northwestern. I’m so glad he believed in me. Thank you, Mr. Perrault…my first mentor.

Dave Oseland gave me my first job in television.  Thanks Dave for being a quiet, unassuming man of God. Never flashy, or boastful, but solid as a rock. Always fair. Always pushing for the marginalized.

Carlis Moody Sr. is my example of integrity and steadfastness. He says, “I just live by The Book.”

Rich Stearns…thanks for modeling extraordinary and humble leadership.

Over the years, God has brought a team of encouragers in my life: John Jenkins, Paul Sheppard, Richard Allen Farmer, and my oldest brother Truman.

I will always treasure my tried and true friend Jeremy. I honor you today. You’ve known me since I was 18. You’ve only accepted and believed in me all these years. I’ve always been able to count on you. Your word is your bond. You’ve never disappointed. You are an original!

Some believe that a woman can’t have platonic relationships with men. I disagree. I celebrate all these men who have only honored and respected me as a woman…God’s woman.

The Bee and Me

June 9, 2013

Just before I moved to Washington, DC from Chicago to take my first job in news, I bought my first car from my oldest brother. Public transportation was great in the windy city so I didn’t need a car. I got around town with a monthly CTA pass for $40 a month.

I knew I would need a car in DC and my brother had one year old silver Toyota Celica. I loved it and took over the payments. Right before getting the car, I got my driver’s license. Before, I was in no rush to get a license, since I didn’t have a car. My good friend Jennifer was diligent in giving me driving lessons. She’s a teacher by profession so she was perfectly calm as my driving instructor. (Disclaimer: Jennifer doesn’t like to take credit for teaching me how to drive).

I’d had the car for less than a week when one day while driving in my Chicago neighborhood with the windows down, a bee flew in. A bee! I’m allergic to the bee sting! I panicked. I begin to keep my eyes on the swirling bee and not on the road. Needless to say, I hit the car in front of me. The bee didn’t sting me but I was stung with my first car accident. My car had more damage than the other car. At least it was drivable but the accident was so embarrassing! I could hear the dialogue: Cheryl what happened? A bee got in the car; I got distracted, forgot about driving and looking ahead, and slammed into another car!

Distractions. We face them daily. Many are tiny (like bees). They come unannounced, yet masterfully rob us of our time and God-given purpose. That quick phone call that turns into an unproductive hour session, a nursed hurt we refuse to release, hours spent on Facebook and browsing the internet. We look up and we are off course. Our lives are a wreck, out of alignment, because of a distraction.

I fight distractions daily. Some days I win, but more than I like, I lose. I’m determined by God’s grace, to resist caving in to distractions and instead, keep my eyes focused on the one goal that really matters, pleasing God.