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Gifts on Display

April 6, 2013

When God has gifted us in any area, if we’re not careful, we can yield to the temptation to misuse the gift. For example, if a woman is beautiful, she has the option of using her beauty to snare a man, while God may have made her beautiful to help save a nation. A smart person can showcase his or her brain power for the purpose of boosting self-esteem or impressing others.

We have to fight this.

God determined each person’s gift(s). He has gifted us for His glory alone. We are not to use the gift to gain glory for ourselves. It all belongs to Him. He deserves it all. When we hear a great concert pianist perform, we don’t praise the piano, we praise the musician. God is the Chief Musician. David understood this.  

Don’t show off your gifts like a spoiled child. Use them to serve.