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Excellence on Display

January 7, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my mother invited me to watch a church service online. I did and what I heard was absolutely divine. It was the voice of gospel and opera singer Audrey Dubois-Harris. I was not familiar with her. She sang one of my favorite hymns, Great Is Thy Faithfulness. While I’ve heard this song hundreds of times, I’d never heard it like this before. I was weeping as I listened. My mother was crying as well. I thought, what a wonderful combination: excellence in voice and interpretation, all for the glory of God. The audience was moved to worship God as she sang. Listening to Audrey immediately inspired me to pursue excellence, to get better at what I do because we serve an excellent God. Her rendition of Great is Thy Faithfulness pointed me to God in all His splendor.

May how I perform my God-given tasks do the same.