Getting Unstuck

I was at an event last week when the lady sitting next to me made a comment about the speaker’s appearance. I hadn’t noticed it until she said it and once she said it I began to focus on it. The observation (although minor) became a distraction for awhile. I got stuck on it. I kept thinking about the “flaw” rather than the presentation.

Then I began to wonder, Why does it come so effortlessly for us to focus on what’s wrong than what’s right? Why does “what’s wrong” stay lodge in our minds for so long? There is so much more “right” with every person than wrong.

We get to choose what we think. From now, by God’s grace, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to dwell on what’s right about people and even when I see what’s wrong, keep it to myself. I don’t want anyone else getting stuck because of what I see and say.


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