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Expiration Date

March 11, 2012

I am notorious for buying meat (when it’s on sale) and putting it in my freezer.  I pulled out a package of ground turkey recently,  noticed the expiration date had passed months ago, but decided to take a chance and cook it anyway.  Well it looked fine after I fried it, but it tasted funny. Soon I had an upset stomach. I had no choice but to throw it out. I had waited too late.

It was my fault that I ignored the expiration date and decided to cook the turkey when I felt like it. I lost out. I wasted money and I got sick. How many times do we keep putting off what needs to be done, until it’s convenient for us? We miss certain opportunities because we don’t act when we need to act. We’re too slow. We take our time and don’t jump on it.

Honor deadlines. Honor expiration dates. When God tells you to work through conflict, do it. When He asks you to forgive, do it. When He says stop doing something, obey. Don’t ignore your conscience.  Don’t put it off.  The day you hear my voice, harden not your heart. Tomorrow may be too late.

Lord, help me to do what I need to do, when I need to do it.

The Valley

March 9, 2012

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on a pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs; where pools of blessing collect after the rains! They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.” Psalm 84:5-7

While reading this passage, I realized that going through the Valley is part of the journey to the Mountain top.  It is not a detour. It is part of God’s divine plan. There are lessons there in the midst of the difficulty. It is possible to thrive and experience refreshing springs in the valley for one reason: God is with you and He wastes nothing.

Psalm 23 says, “When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…I will fear no evil.”  Why? God is with me. The valley is a time of testing, barrenness, despair, depression, despondence, depravity, disappointment. It is deep. Way deep. You feel like giving up. You feel like a failure. You wonder if you heard God correctly. You lack energy. You hurt. You cry. It’s the last place you want to be.

No one but God knows how long you have to be in your valley to get to your Zion. But your Guide is with you. He knows. It was 21 years ago that I experienced my first deep valley. I was disoriented, depressed, despondent…until Jesus “touched” me. He freed me from my bed. I got up and became productive. Stronger. More confident in Him.

You can languish for years…but when Jesus touches you…or gives you just one command, you are NEVER the same if you obey. The man born blind received a touch from Jesus and His eyes became opened. The woman with the issue of blood…years of living in pain and embarrassment…touched the Hem of His garment. The flow stopped immediately.

Wholeness and completeness can only be found in Him. When He touches you…confidence comes. Calm envelopes you. Creativity flows. The soul is at rest. He makes the Valley a refreshing spring full of blessings and strength.