What’s Different

I love the beginning of a New Year.  It’s an opportunity to start over again. We can learn from the past and embrace the new.  We can determine to control what we can control.  What’s on your control list? What will be different for you in 2012? Here are some items on my Control List:

1. Trust God no matter what. Believe He can handle whatever comes my way. Show my belief by how I respond. Talk is cheap.

2. Seek His Will not my way.

3. Mind my own business. I love how Elisabeth Elliot puts it: Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut. And remember, there are very few things that are really your business.

4. Do the best with what I’ve been given. Take risks and move forward with my creative ideas. This will keep me busy all year.

5. Refuse to compare, compete, criticize, or control.

I’ve discovered that we experience great peace when we stay in our lane and without distraction, focus on what we’re called to do, learn from our failures, and determine to retool and do life differently in order to reach our goals.



One Response to “What’s Different”

  1. Mary Says:

    Your program is most informative. You make excellent points so true to everyday living. I have heard you before but today is Saturday, 12/29/12. Great lesson from Daniel. We are so blessed to hear you on 1360 AM.

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