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December 1, 2011

“To everything there is a season.”  We are so familiar with the wise words of Solomon but how many of us accept life’s seasons with a smile? When we are children, we are so anxious to grow up and become adults.  When we’ve been adults for awhile, we want to freeze  time and our “best” look. (Fortunately, we have a lot of options to help us do that on the surface.)

A wise person embraces each season with acceptance and grace, knowing it includes gains and losses and always God’s guidance. What we encounter never surprises Him because He scheduled every day of our lives before one day came to be. (Psalm 139) He always goes before us when we have entrusted Him with our dreams and our lives.

It’s my prayer that I don’t try to carry over one season into another, and that I’m always realistic about what I bring to the table in each  one. As Amy Carmichael said, “In acceptance lieth peace.”

We may prefer one season over another, but all are necessary for the masterpiece He is creating.