Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

What a miserable existence to keep longing and hoping for a specific person or family members to show you love and they refuse. You try to block it out of your mind and for a time, that works. Then the ache returns followed by tears. Why do we long for love so much? Why do we long for it from somone incapable of giving it or showing it?

God who is love made us to love. The “ache” of absence always turns my eyes and my heart back to God. He loves completely always. He is never “hot” or “cold” towards us based on our performance. Solid as a Rock.

He has been with me in every season of life, knowing every hurt and disappointment, seeing every tear, comforting me, and cheering me on with every accomplishment, because He made it possible.  

I remember Him reassuring me as I walked to kindergarten that He loved me. I remember Him standing by me, when the man I loved would not. He reminds me over and over, “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.” What matchless love! I couldn’t live one day without it, wouldn’t want to. How people make it in life without the imprint and embrace of God’s love is beyond me.

His Love is indeed more than enough.


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