Intentional Gratitude

When I was praying this morning an idea came to me that I had never tried before: intentionally thank God for the great qualities you admire in family members; refuse to focus on the ones you don’t. I did just that. I named each person and thanked God for what made him special. This was a breakthrough exercise for me.

It’s so easy to fill our minds with what’s wrong with a person or a decision they made rather than what’s good about them. I’m so glad that when God looks at me, He chooses to fill His mind with His plans for me, His love for me, and the masterpiece He is creating as I cooperate with Him.

Let’s thank God for our family members and intentionally focus on their personal best.


One Response to “Intentional Gratitude”

  1. Denise Says:

    Love this idea. You may notice that the more we focus on the good qualities, the more of them we see. Then in short while, the person we thought was an unbearable toad, may actually be a gem of a person. I will practice with family and friends. This is a brilliant suggestion. Thanks as always.

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