Heart Check-up

I spoke to a group of singles last Saturday night about making this practice a priority: a heart check-up. Not of our physical heart, but of our innermost being, the master control of our life, the seat of our intellect, emotions, will, attitudes, and our actions. Why? Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep (or guard) your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life.”

Our “heart” is our most valuable commodity. It controls everything we do. What’s lodging in yours? Envy, jealousy, anger, lust, bitterness, insecurity, pride, unforgiveness, racism, arrogance, gossip, or slander?

Get serious about extracting (by God’s power) everything that is destroying your heart. I got angry during a conversation recently. The encounter forced me to drop to my knees and ask God to clean my heart of all hurt and disappointment and change how I “react” to others’ actions. I also apologized to the person and asked for forgiveness. I didn’t realize I had this “heart” issue until I had that conversation. That’s why a heart check-up needs to be regular.


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