Heavenly Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of my father experiencing the joys and delights of heaven. I know he’s enjoying every minute in God’s presence because his greatest delight on earth was praising God. He never cared who saw him or what they thought. The only thing that mattered to Elihue Martin was obeying the truth he knew. God’s Word and His Word alone was the standard by which he made all his decisions.

My oldest brother, Truman,  and I were talking this morning about how naive we were growing up. We thought everybody told the truth (especially church folks and preachers). Why? My father and mother always spoke the truth and lived the truth. We didn’t know people could look at you with a straight face and lie! I was in shock the first time it happened to me.

I have thought of Dad often this past year and his standard, his uncompromising standard. He stood for being a righteous and holy man. A man who was the head of his home. A man who respected authority. A man who never buckled under outside pressures to conform to the culture or what is comfortable. He was willing to walk that lonely road of being misunderstood and talked about as long as (in his mind) he was pleasing His Savior.

Lord, help me as Elihue Martin’s daughter and your child, live an uncompromising life…seeking your approval alone.

2 Responses to “Heavenly Anniversary”

  1. Donald Martin, II Says:

    We too have often thought of Grandad this past year. My sister and I speak about how he was a man of few words, his life actions still speak to us today. Grandad was teaching us even in his last years… Whenever asked what he was thinking about… He would look at you and decided to speak and he always had the same answer….a faint voice would say….JESUS. What an example… In his state of being… His mind was on Jesus. A good father is first and foremost a teacher.. Good teachers never retire. For this I again say thank you to God the Father for my Grandfather Elihue Martin.

  2. Shirley Christmon Says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart and such tender moments. I agree. Uncle Elihue was a respected man who loved the Lord, and if you were in his household, you followed “his” rules.


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