Tough Stains

I have a white kitchen counter top. I learned the hard way that when I spill something (especially of a dark color), I need to clean it up immediately or it will leave an unsightly stain. It requires some heavy duty cleaner and elbow grease to get it out. Sometimes I’m still unsuccessful.

The same principle applies to our hearts. I’ve discovered that it’s easier for me to eradicate resentment, jealousy, bitterness, or a judgmental attitude if I deal with it immediately.   I have to be honest with myself and with God. I cry out to Him asking for insight on “me” first before I take the next step (if appropriate) and go to the person who has offended me.  Most of the time it’s “my” issue and I need to cry out to God to “heal” me of my hurt, deliver me of my pride, my unrealistic expectations. By doing so quickly, I’m able to keep my heart clean. Otherwise I may produce a “stain” that just won’t come out.

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