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Excellent Attitude

November 20, 2010

Last weekend I had the good fortune to interact with two people with outstanding attitudes. I’ve been reflecting ever since about how our attitudes can affect others, for better or for worse.

A group of us had lunch together after last Saturday’s Excellent Living seminar. Our server was named Christian. While he told us, he wasn’t a Christian, Christian certainly served like Christians should.  He was gracious, attentive, and thorough (a man with a detailed strategy for effectively serving such a large party). We were so impressed! His high standard of service made our dining experience more pleasurable. We told him so, as well as his supervisor and we tipped him well.

The following day I made an early morning run to my local supermarket. I immediately noticed  how tenderly and caring  Crystal was talking to the customer in front of me.  She had a huge smile as she was saying goodbye to him. When it was  time to ring up my groceries,  Crystal smiled broadly and engaged in polite conversation and wished me a great day. When I returned to the store  early this morning I got in Crystal’s line and observed her once again. I watched her compliment the little girl in front of me who was eating a croissant.   She had a hearty smile and “good morning” for me and a look of contentment at life. I said to her, “I noticed your great attitude last Sunday when I was here, and I’ve been thinking about it. Have you always had such a wonderful attitude?” Crystal said: No. I haven’t. But as an adult, as a result of going through some tough things in life, I decided to have a great attitude. I pray every day before I leave home that I will be kind to someone today.

That prayer is working. Crystal’s kindness is making a difference. I had a better day because  I intersected with Christian and Crystal.  An excellent attitude matters. Lord, may I always be kind.