Everything I Knew to Do

My father has been enjoying heaven for three months now. I have often visualized him there, doing what he loved to do most, singing and praising God. It’s like he’s saying to me, Cheryl, keep your eye on the prize. Keep your focus on what really matters, living a life that pleases God.

Recently my mother and I were reminiscing about the 10 plus years she took care of my Dad. Everyone marvelled at her devotion to the task. She was diligent and never complained. At one point, doctors wanted her to put him in the nursing home. She thought and prayed about it and then said, As long as God gives me the strength, I will do it.  And she did, faithfully until the end. A couple of days ago Mother told me, I can’t think of anything else I could have done where your father was concerned. I did everything I knew to do.

What a testimony…to be able to say I did everything I knew to do! I call that living with no regrets, living with a clear conscience. When I was home I watched her in action and she was totally focused on the assignment at hand. She was never deterred. She always acted in my father’s best interest. She was up early or late at night if his condition called for her to do so.

I know a lot.  My goal? To be able to say like my mother, I have done everything I know to do.

2 Responses to “Everything I Knew to Do”

  1. Juanita Says:

    Amen & So be it again. What an account of Love! Everything! I’m new to your site but I’m being blessed immearsurably today!

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