Uncanny Resemblance

My neighbor invited me to attend her son’s book signing and reading this past Saturday. I had never met him, only prayed for him. When I arrived, he was standing at the podium reading excerpts from his new novel. As I listened to his words, my mind was more amazed by his striking resemblance to his mother. He was a splitting male version. Same build. Same mannerisms. Same inflections. I couldn’t get over it. I guess that’s because in my family of 8, none of us has a matching resemblance to either parent.

Then I wondered, do I have an uncanny resemblance to my Heavenly Father? Do people look at me, and hear me, notice  my mannerisms, and say without a doubt, I know that she’s God’s child.  She looks and acts just like Him!

I knew the answer to the question. I’m afraid it’s a hit and miss situation. Some days I do and some days I don’t. My goal? To strikingly resemble my Father, every day and every hour. People knew the apostles had been with Jesus. They didn’t have to ask.


3 Responses to “Uncanny Resemblance”

  1. Denise W. Says:

    WOW!!! is the first thing that comes to mind… To resemble my Father God in my words, my behavior, and even more privately, in the private/unspoken thoughts and the meditations of my heart. I am so far off the mark and yet I know that I know Him.

    You know, there are days I experience God as a warm, welcoming Dad, some days I revel in the canopy of His protection, and some days He’s the loving parent who’s just waiting for me to seek Him first… to come to Him. Yet, in spite of all I know, there are days, it seems like I act as though I’m the only authority in my life… when I take matters into my own hands. I wonder why it’s so hard to do the things I know to do? To act in ways that demonstrate my heritage? I wonder whether this is simply my aging process. I wonder whether God is simply shining off my unfinished parts?

    Thank you for the thoughts.

  2. Audrey Says:

    This is such a stunning reminder of how pleasantly…or how poorly, I can reflect my Heavenly Father’s image. It seems that when I start feeling good about how I’m making Him smile, that’s when I’m most vulnerable to slip-ups.

    So thanks for this “on-time” reminder to humbly submit to His transforming bodywork…consistently!

  3. florattia Says:

    I’m blessed, so very blessed by these words on Uncanny Resemblance. From a Woman that loves God, resembling Him is all that matters. Our Leaders have been led to teach on God’s Love (1st Corinthians 13) and these love messages has revealed to me that loving as He loves will give me that uncanny resemblance. As I’ve studied and meditated on these scriptures, my hits are beginning to out weigh my misses. Blessing to You.

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