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Uncanny Resemblance

September 27, 2010

My neighbor invited me to attend her son’s book signing and reading this past Saturday. I had never met him, only prayed for him. When I arrived, he was standing at the podium reading excerpts from his new novel. As I listened to his words, my mind was more amazed by his striking resemblance to his mother. He was a splitting male version. Same build. Same mannerisms. Same inflections. I couldn’t get over it. I guess that’s because in my family of 8, none of us has a matching resemblance to either parent.

Then I wondered, do I have an uncanny resemblance to my Heavenly Father? Do people look at me, and hear me, notice¬† my mannerisms, and say without a doubt, I know that she’s God’s child. ¬†She looks and acts just like Him!

I knew the answer to the question. I’m afraid it’s a hit and miss situation. Some days I do and some days I don’t. My goal? To strikingly resemble my Father, every day and every hour. People knew the apostles had been with Jesus. They didn’t have to ask.