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Legacy of a God-Man

August 5, 2010

My father (Rev. Elihue Martin), the subject of my previous blog (God-Man) transitioned to his heavenly home on Tuesday, July 13th. He was 90 years old. We held a glorious homegoing celebration on July 20th. My brothers asked me to share the previous blog in my remarks. Here’s what I said.

This past Father’s Day, I thought it would be my father’s last one, so I wrote this blog on the Excellent Living website that I’ve been asked to share wtih you. I called it: “God-Man.” (READ BLOG)

I was boarding a plane last Tuesday morning when I got the call that my father had transitioned to his heavenly mansion. I had a long flight to reflect privately on his life and legacy. This is what I wrote: “There is no doubt in my mind that when Dad looked into the face of our Savior that he heard this commendation: ‘Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

How am I 100 percent sure that’s the commendation he received? He loved God with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength. He took God’s Word seriously. If it were a sin 50 years ago, it was a sin in 2010.

There were times I took for granted my father’s standard. I thought it was the norm for any card carrying Christian man, but as I got older and lived in different cities, I realized he was a rare gem…a man who actually lived what he preached.

Elihue Martin was a faithful man, a frugal man. How frugal? Here’s an example: when we were riding home from church, occasionally, he would stop at the drive-thru window of our favorite donut shop.  All of us kids were sleepy, but we would rise up when my father got to the window and asked the same question without fail: “Do you have any day old donuts?” We all got quiet to hear the answer. We knew if it was “no,” we wouldnt be getting any donuts.

Elihue Martin was faithful, frugal, and lived humbly with no pretense. One of his favorite sayings: “You can have a good front, but your back is all out.”

While I was on that plane last Tuesday, I asked myself: How can I best honor my father’s legacy? The answer came: Strive to be a godly woman through and through. Make sure my “walk” matches my “talk,” for my word to be my bond, to be a woman of integrity, to live to impress no one but God.  To obey God no matter what, to pray without ceasing, to make a joyful noise to the Lord often, to praise God in my own way and don’t care who’s looking; never compromise God’s Word; teach His Word with fervor and passion.

I’m not there yet, I have not arrived, but I’m forgetting the past, and pressing foward for the prize of God’s commendation.

Dad, may I follow in your footsteps and be a 100 percent God-Woman. That’s the only worthy goal for the daughter of a God-Man.