Father’s Day is Sunday, so this week I’ve been reflecting on my Dad. If I could sum up Elihue Martin in one sentence, it would be, “He’s a God-Man.” What’s a God-Man? God’s Word is the standard for how he lives his life. He reads the Bible daily to gain wisdom on how to run his business and how to rear his children. That’s what my father did. Like clockwork, he was up every morning praying to God and reading his Bible. He woke us up to join him, 6  mornings a week. We didn’t have a choice. He taught us God’s rules and demanded that we obey Elihue’s rules. What were some of them for his 7 boys and 1 girl? No drinking, cursing, or smoking. Church attendance, no matter how old you were. Absolutely no staying home on Sundays. Everybody in the house is going to church. Nobody ever asked to stay behind. We knew not to ask. No secular music, only Christian music. Obey all authority. Midnight curfew, no matter how old you were as long as you lived under his roof.  No back talk to him or to my mother. No sleeping late. You must work. When you got a paying  job, you turned your money over to him so you couldn’t spend it frivolously. You got it back when it was time to go to college or you needed it for a sensible purchase. No discussion about this.

We got regular sermons about living within your means, not going into debt, the ills of using credit cards. We never did what the Joneses did, but what God required. He never sought to impress anyone, but God, by being obedient. Some of his favorite phrases: It may be tight, but it’s right. Some people are proud, but don’t know it. Some are trying to be BIG, but little is eating them up. A man who doesn’t keep his word ain’t worth salt go on his bread!  I now call these “Elihue-isms.” He would often say, “If any of my boys, went to jail, no one called me to come get him out!” All of my brothers are responsible, reliable, hard working men. Four are pastors.

Dad is now 90 years old and in the last stages of cancer. This may be his last Father’s Day, but his legacy will live on in his eight children. He is not an educated man or a perfect dad, but undoubtedly, anyone who knows Rev. Elihue Martin will tell you, he is a  100 percent GOD-MAN. And in the end, that’s what really matters.

NOTE: Rev. Elihue Martin transitioned to his heavenly home Tuesday morning, July 13th.


One Response to “God-Man”

  1. Richard Allen Farmer Says:

    Having met your parents and a couple of your brothers, I know what your family means to you.

    I enjoyed your tribute to your Dad.
    Carry on!!!!!!

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