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May 6, 2010

I’m embarrassed to say that I went for months with a connection problem with my internet service.  Now, I did call my provider several times and even purchased a new DSL box.  But nothing changed the problem of losing internet service every day, sometime for most of the day.  It’s amazing how we can adapt to malfunction.  I trained myself to look at the box and when all the lights were on, quickly send  and read emails because I knew unannounced I may be out of service once again. For months I put up with this and I was paying my local phone company and my internet provider. I did call the phone company several times in case  the problem was with the phone line. The rep didn’t want to take responsibility. It had to be on my end.

Finally, I had enough. I called the phone company and held firm to the request for a technician to come out and check the problem. I was convinced that the problem was a faulty telephone line.  On the day scheduled, the phone company cancelled. I was upset, but was determined not to lose heart. This past Monday night the technician showed up and sure enough, the problem was a faulty wire. Since then, I’ve never been without a connection! I still find myself (out of habit) looking at all the lights on the DSL box to see if one is out. I no longer take for granted my “connection.”

All I kept thinking about early Tuesday morning  is how easy it is to have a disconnect spiritually and do absolutely nothing about it. We know that God is our source, but we don’t bother to call. So we live with bitterness, anger, lust, insecurity, pride. All we have to do is persistently call until He answers. God is the only person who can heal us of all these soul diseases.

What are you waiting for? I asked the technicican on Monday night, “Is there any charge? He said, No.” There is no charge to solve your connection problem. Just ask.  He’ll come, diagnose the source of the problem, and eradicate it. You’ll be thrilled you did.