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Lost Keys

March 13, 2010

The weekend of the first big snowstorm here in the NE,  I lost my set of keys.  That Sunday morning I vividly remember opening my car trunk to get some grocery bags. I had no other choice but to walk to the grocery store. When I returned to my complex, I went in my coat pocket to get my keys, but they were gone.  I couldn’t believe it. I retraced my steps back to the two stores I visited and returned to every aisle I had shopped, several times. I walked the parking lot of my complex. I did this for about an hour. Still no keys. I was dumbfounded. I had never lost my keys.  I prayed daily and I searched the parking lot complex regularly. God knew where my house and car keys were. I was reminded that I could pray to God about anything and while I had gotten a new set of keys, I still wanted those keys. They were out there somewhere. Did someone  have them? I didn’t know but God did. Weeks went by and I kept praying. I told the Lord privately, “I’m still expecting my keys to show up. I know that you heard my prayers, and I believe you are concerned about everything that concerns me.” I prayed as I walked the parking lot once again. I wanted what belonged to me, my original set of keys.

A couple of days later while  visiting my folks in Texas, I got “the call.” The building engineer had found my keys in the parking lot and turned them in. I was elated. God had answered my prayer. It may have appeared to be an “insignificant” prayer, but it was  important to me. My Heavenly Father cared enough to get my keys back into my hands. They had turned another color, but that was okay. I gladly cleaned them with a smile. I thought, “if God can handle the small stuff, surely He can handle the BIG requests.” I just need to do my part: keep praying and keep trusting.