Bull’s-eye Forecast

I’ll be able to say I survived the blizzard of 2010. The big snow in the Washington, DC area began last Friday morning, just as forecasters predicted. Folks took the weather reports seriously and flooded the supermarkets in case it would be days before they returned.

It snowed for more than 24 hours blanketing the area with 20 plus inches of snow. My thoughts? God is showing who is in charge. The seat of power for the federal government may be here…but God revealed His omnipotence. He disrupts plans and lives without apology. He has it like that. I love it! He did it again today when it snowed for 24 hours, this time a blizzard, with 50 plus inches of snow combined since last Friday.

Once again we all heeded the weather forecasters warning us the snow was coming. Yesterday was the first day I was able to drive since the weekend so I was out there as well, praying to run all my errands and “beat” the snowfall. I did.

But a question keeps looming for me. If we believe what the forecasters say, and they are fallible, why don’t we believe Jesus’ warning that the world is on its way out as we know it, and He’s coming back to receive those who acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior? The Bible is clear about the signs of His coming but few are rushing around to get their “spiritual houses” in order. It’s business as usual.

It’s too late to prepare for a blizzard in the midst of it. A wise person heeds the forecast and makes preparations. Heed God’s forecast. He always hits the bull’s-eye.


3 Responses to “Bull’s-eye Forecast”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I appreciate your work and blog, Cheryl. I’m wondering what it looks like to heed God’s forecast? Maybe that’s another blog post to flesh that out.

    • excellentliving Says:

      Thanks Andrea for your feedback on this blog. I believe it means that we not only know God’s Word but we seek to live it out…having a healthy reverential fear of Him. Our goal every day should be to obey Him. I think about this constantly…asking myself such questions as: “Am I living an authentic life as a Christ follower?” “Do my thoughts and my actions please God?” Jesus was a wonderful example of this while he was on earth. He said often in the book of John, “I only do what my Father tells me to do. I seek only His approval.”

      It’s clear that we are closer to Christ’s return than ever before. A wise person heeds the signs and prepares spiritually by searching his or her soul to make sure there is nothing hindering his relationship with the Father. Hope this helps.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Yes, thank you. Very helpful, appreciate your thoughts. I try to do the same–to know God’s word and to try to live it out. Sometimes there’s day to day “stuff” that can impede our understanding on how that looks in action. Anyway, thank you.

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