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Think Nothing

January 8, 2010

I learned a valuable lesson this morning I hope to never forget. I was in the parking lot clearing the snow from my car when I noticed a neighbor drive by in a Lexus SUV. I thought: “Wow, Ellen got a new car. That’s great.”  Fifteen minutes later, she walked by me as she headed into the building saying, “The roads are fine, once you get past the side streets.” I said, “Thanks for letting me know. Oh, and Ellen I love your new Lexus.”  She said, “Ah, that’s not my car, that’s my nephew’s. He let me borrow it while mine is in the shop.”

I couldn’t help but think how I “assumed” it was Ellen’s car because I saw her driving it and how easy it is to get the facts wrong based on what I “see.” If I hadn’t had that conversation with Ellen, chances are I may have mentioned to another neighbor, “Did you see Ellen’s new car? It’s nice.” What I said would not be damaging, but it would be wrong.

Another lesson for me: not to judge what appears to be “good” or “bad” without getting all the facts. Looks are deceiving. I need to take the advice one of the old mothers in the church, Mother Addie B. Johnson, told my mother: “think nothing.”

Think nothing. I like that.  Think nothing. Say nothing. Can’t go wrong.