The Gift of You

Yesterday was my birthday. I was thankful all day for the gift of life, excellent health, wonderful family and friends. It was great getting gifts and warm wishes from friends.

Two were especially touching. One long time friend who lives somewhat like a nomad remembered my birthday. He sent me a mp3 with him singing “Happy Birthday.”  It touched me because I’ve known him since I was 18 and the greatest gift he’s always given me is his kindness, wrapped in unselfishness.

The other birthday greeting was left on my answering machine in a faint voice.  It was from a dear friend battling tongue cancer who said, “I would sing ‘happy birthday’ to you if I could.” It brought tears to my eyes because he remembered me in the midst of his pain. I remembered his kindness…always wrapped in unselfishness.

Both of these friends over the years believe they bring very little to the table. I so disagree. I treasure their friendship. They have given much…the best of themselves.

So many times in life we can feel inadequate because we don’t have what others have; We believe we are not as beautiful or smart or financially secure. We wonder, “what do I bring to the table, how can I make a difference, how can God use me?” Just give the best of YOU. That is more than enough. You will make someone else’s day brighter.


2 Responses to “The Gift of You”

  1. waymon stevens Says:

    Good Morning Please Allow Me To Say I Thank God For Useing A Spirit Filled Women Like Your Self To Speak Into To The Lives Of men Who Want To Live The God life.Reading your Blog Has Been A Great Help For Me.Again I Thank God For You.

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