My Gift

My heart is overwhelmed with JOY this morning. I have so many reflections on life with “the gift.” I was just a child when one Tuesday evening a child evangelist explained  (using a felt board and paper figurines) that God loved me so much that He gave me His Best gift, His only Son, to live, and then die for my sins. God knew I needed this gift, a Savior, more than anything.

Sis. Copeland told me that all I had to do was to receive this gift and it was mine.  I believed her and said a prayer of thanks for the gift of Christ as my Savior. I invited Him to live in my heart forever. Boy, am I glad I did.  He has never left me since that monumental day.  Every day I sense His presence.

I am so enraptured by His love because He’ll give His gift to anybody who wants it. It’s not reserved for only the rich, the beautiful, the famous. He came to me, a girl from Houston’s 5th Ward (some call the ghetto), of working class parents who loved Him as well.  A girl with hangups, insecurities, doubts. He whispered to me what every woman wants to hear: “I love you intensely, and will never leave you.” His love has defined me all my life. I can’t live without it. When my heart has been broken, He was standing by to comfort me and say, Cheryl, come to me. I’ll heal your hurts. When I didn’t know how my financial needs would be met, He whispered, Cheryl, don’t worry about that. Haven’t I always come through?”  All I could answer was, Yes, Lord.

I want to give My Savior and Lord a gift this Christmas. What do you give One who has everything, who created everything? I’ve got it! I promise to give Him my ALL, to hold nothing back from Him in 2010. I promise to empty myself of myself and follow His script. After all, what He longs for most is my heart. He wants me to give it to Him freely. I can do that gladly for the One who pursued me and loved me first.

Merry Christmas,



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