An Unexpected Fall

Saturday, I fell. Literally…in public view on a main street in my neighborhood. I was walking a  familiar route. I’m not sure what happened, except maybe my right foot hit a crack in the sidewalk and I went tumbling face down. I instinctively put my left palm to the ground to protect my face from touching the concrete. It worked, but the fall ripped skin from my palm. Painful. And my right knee had some scratches.

One kind lady in a passing car stopped and asked if I were okay as I attempted to regain my bearings. I said, “yes,” thanked her and kept walking, but more slowly and deliberately.

My hand continues to heal, but I’ve been thinking about that fall. It happened suddenly and without warning. Isn’t that how it usually happens? Mishaps and embarrassing situations happen in life without warning. We’re upright and the next thing, we are down.  Some get up to start over; some don’t.

The next time I went walking, I was deliberately more careful with every step. I didn’t want to fall again. The Bible says, “Be careful how you walk. Watch your life and doctrine closely.”  I’m reminded that it doesn’t say spend time watching how other folks walk, but fully concentrate on how I’m living, walking, and talking. I’m finding that’s a full time job to make sure I don’t fall “spiritually.”


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