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An Unexpected Fall

September 30, 2009

Saturday, I fell. Literally…in public view on a main street in my neighborhood. I was walking a  familiar route. I’m not sure what happened, except maybe my right foot hit a crack in the sidewalk and I went tumbling face down. I instinctively put my left palm to the ground to protect my face from touching the concrete. It worked, but the fall ripped skin from my palm. Painful. And my right knee had some scratches.

One kind lady in a passing car stopped and asked if I were okay as I attempted to regain my bearings. I said, “yes,” thanked her and kept walking, but more slowly and deliberately.

My hand continues to heal, but I’ve been thinking about that fall. It happened suddenly and without warning. Isn’t that how it usually happens? Mishaps and embarrassing situations happen in life without warning. We’re upright and the next thing, we are down.  Some get up to start over; some don’t.

The next time I went walking, I was deliberately more careful with every step. I didn’t want to fall again. The Bible says, “Be careful how you walk. Watch your life and doctrine closely.”  I’m reminded that it doesn’t say spend time watching how other folks walk, but fully concentrate on how I’m living, walking, and talking. I’m finding that’s a full time job to make sure I don’t fall “spiritually.”

A Reason to Celebrate

September 16, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009 is one I will always remember. It was a rare instance for my seven brothers and five sister-in-laws to be together. The occasion? The 40th wedding anniversary of my brother Donald and his wife Linda. Donald is my second oldest brother, but the first to get married. He and his two children planned the event for more than a year. It was a surprise for Linda. We all received the “save the date” cards way in advance, so there was no excuse not to be there. All the hard work and planning paid off.

Linda thought she was at the boutique hotel to take official family photos and  have an anniversary dinner with my brother. She was shocked when she opened the door, saw the spiral staircase draped with the wedding party, the robed minister (my oldest brother) standing at the podium, and 100 guests looking on. She cried loud enough for all to hear.

It was so moving to hear them renew their vows followed by my brother’s written declaration to his wife. I still remember this line: “Linda, you are still the most beautiful woman to me.” I knew my brother meant it because he’s not the verbal type when it comes to expressing his emotion. His wife was in tears. Isn’t that what most women yearn to hear years into the marriage, after children, grandchildren, and a few extra pounds? He spoke of her being a godly woman, a praying woman, a great mother to their two children and grandchildren.  When it was Linda’s turn, she said “I don’t have prepared remarks, since I didn’t know about this,” but she spoke from her heart about what a great husband Donald has been and that she has never lacked for anything. She spoke of his godliness. Then the children blessed their parents, speaking of their impact in their lives.

While wathching the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think, this is REAL LOVE, Love that goes the distance, no matter what. Love that is not based on feelings, but rooted in faith.

This celebration was much more elaborate than the first. This is how it should be. They have a reason to celebrate. Their love is lasting.